Vision - to Create History
History is essentially a collection of stories worth remembering. These stories usually start out as a vision, thereafter pursued with dedication, passion and absolute belief.

In the same way that the names of Muriel Robb and Tom Pettitt live on through their stories, we would like to leave behind stories to be remembered and woven into the greater story of tennis: of being the first, the only, and the best.

Our coaching team will always be the first, and probably remain the only, to produce such a large array of national and international success stories from outdoor public park facilities - against all prevailing "wisdom" and entirely independently of the LTA.

Our school will always be the first, and most likely remain the only, tennis academy in the country registered as an independent school. Parents no longer have to choose between giving their child the best chance in tennis (usually involving home-schooling or sub-standard outsourced education) or the best chance of a good education (usually involving attending a traditional school which cannot offer the required flexibility for elite training and tournament travel).

We have proven that, even with limited resources, an attitude of "no excuses" can achieve excellence and success beyond what anybody thinks is possible. We provided opportunities for girls and ethnic minority children from non-affluent backgrounds long before social justice awareness became fashionable: three of our black female players becoming No.1 in and representing GB; two other black females (who we educated from Primary through to A-Level) being accepted into Cambridge and Oxford Universities. All of this we achieved with our fees being half that of the average independent school.

The roots of Tennis Avenue are strong, and grow deeper year by year. Who would now bet against us completing the journey and fulfilling our ultimate vision: taking home-grown students on their journeys all the way to grand-slam success.

This will set us apart from all the regional, national and international set-ups that rely on attracting and assembling together the very best existing players developed by others, and essentially adding the "finishing touches" while taking all the credit - an infinitely easier task.

The Story of Muriel Robb
The Story of Tom Pettitt