Coaching Team
Established over 10 years ago, this coaching team is one of the most experienced in Europe - and proven to be successful - over the past few years in developing "home-grown" talent from a very young age into international standard juniors.

Despite the scale of our successes, it has all been achieved by an extremely small team. The most experienced coaches always oversee or directly coach our best players - from very young.

All of our Academy coaches either devised the TA methods or are a product of those methods themselves. The coaching "message" therefore (technical, tactical or otherwise) is entirely seamless irrespective of the coach delivering it.

Our players are not exclusively allocated to a given individual coach; they follow a coherent program with input from ALL coaches, with each player being overseen (and planned for) by the Director of Tennis.

As they reach national and international levels they automatically receive more and more individualised attention from the coaches with most experience.

Players and parents particularly choose us when they do not wish to choose between tennis and education; our coaching team has a proven pedigree of delivering genuine excellence in both tennis and academic achievement.

Hareen Wasantha - Director
  • Represented England at 18&U level in the Four Nations Championships and two-time Middlesex County 18&U champion;
  • 1987-1989: Member of the LTA School of Excellence that resided and trained at Bisham Abbey (when it used to be the LTA national training centre);
  • Coached Ilge Alpay from mid-County standard at age 14 (rating 7.2) to a WTA world ranking within a period of 5 years;
  • Jointly (with Ilge Alpay) coached every single player to have been developed by Tennis Avenue Academy - including our new Senior Academy Coach Kieran Macarty;
  • BEng(Hons) degree in Computer Engineering from the University of London.

Ilge Alpay - Director
  • Achieved WTA singles world ranking of 746 in 2006. Extensive international experience as a player;
  • Achieved victory over top 500 player, and on the verge of a breakthrough in the rankings prior to being halted by long term injury;
  • Jointly (with Hareen Wasantha) coached every single player to have been developed by Tennis Avenue Academy - including our new Senior Academy Coach Kieran Macarty;
  • Devised the educational blueprint which has so far led to two out of three graduating students being accepted into either Oxford University or Cambridge University;
  • LLB(Hons) degree in Law from the Open University attained while competing full-time.

Kieran Macarty - Senior Coach
  • ATP doubles world ranking of 579 in January 2019;
  • Grew up at Tennis Avenue Academy from the age of 11 and experienced our training philosophy and methods himself as a player;
  • Coach of the England 14&U team at the Four Nations Championships in September 2018;
  • A member of the official Babolat stringing team;
  • BA(Hons) degree in Sports Studies from Stirling University.