TA Mini Academy
Path: Academy
Age Range: 5-10
Focus: Learn Your Skills

It is only when we look back over our many remarkable achievements in recent years, that we realise how many of our successful players actually emerged from the TA Mini Academy.

No less than four players from the program went on to become ranked No.1 in Great Britain and win numerous Tennis Europe (and other international) titles.

It is a tried and tested program, which is now able to speak for itself!

Entry Criteria
The TA Mini Academy is very much an entry point for young tennis players aspiring to develop their game and compete in tournaments. Acceptance is not based on existing playing standard. ALL young players under 10 are given a chance to demonstrate their commitment, build sound technical foundations and set themselves up for future success.

The main entry criteria is simply that the child (and parents) commit to training at least four hours per week on an ongoing basis. This can only work if the child has a passion for tennis and is serious about improving. Beyond that, the child should be able to train for two hours continuously without losing too much focus or becoming a distraction to themselves or others in the group.

Progression Benchmarks
With the TA Mini Academy players we are painstakingly laying down the technical foundations (the boring repetitive work)- and we do it for as long as necessary - so it is not so easy for parents to see quantifiable measures of progression.

In later stages, results and rankings provide good benchmarks of standard and progress - although we do discourage chasing results and rankings in Mini Tennis competition no matter how good the child is (indeed, ESPECIALLY if they are very good).

We therefore ask TA Mini Academy parents to be patient, allow their children to spend 3-4 years learning their skills, and to trust in our experience of developing players from this age to give them accurate feedback of standard and progress.

Exit Outcomes
Mini Academy players serious about their tennis should be looking to catch our eye and get invited into the TA Prodigy Squad - which can happen at any time.

Otherwise, once they reach the age of 10 (or earlier if they are relatively advanced), they will be moved into our TA Junior Academy or may apply for a place in TA School.

Term-Time Training Squads
The TA Mini Academy sessions are currently only available at our New Malden venue, and players are expected to attend at least two sessions per week.

Day Time Venue
Tuesday 17:00-19:00 Manor Park - New Malden
Thursday 17:00-19:00 Manor Park - New Malden
Saturday 13:00-15:00 Manor Park - New Malden
Sunday 13:00-15:00 Manor Park - New Malden

Generally our squad sessions cover all the technical elements that individual lessons would cover – only over more hours – so there is absolutely no necessity for additional one-on-one lessons. However they can be arranged should any player particularly require them.

Fee Structure
Training Hours Monthly Fee
4 hours weekly | 16 hours monthly £100
6 hours weekly | 24 hours monthly £150
8 hours weekly | 32 hours monthly £200

Contact Us
To book an assessment for your child, or to make an enquiry, please email kieran@tennisavenue.co.uk or call/text 07871 098825