Holiday Camps
We offer full-day and half-day camps for children up to the age of twelve during school holidays. There are camps throughout the summer, every half-term and at Christmas and Easter. The minimum age is eight for full day camps and five for half-day camps.

A minimum of three days in a given week must be booked, although this may be any combination of full-days and half-days.

The objective of the camps is always fun. However at Tennis Avenue Academy, form and technique is always in our DNA; therefore there will always be a technical element involved. Children will be taught the same basics that our national and international players were raised on, so they will certainly leave with increased tennis skills as well as having fun.

There is a different technical focus each day of the week, usually as follows:
Monday Forehand
Tuesday Backhand
Wednesday Volleys & Smash
Thursday Serve
Friday Points & Games

Half-day camps are tennis only. Full-day camps are structured as follows:
08:30-09:00 Drop-off
09:00-12:00 Tennis
12:00-13:30 Lunch
13:30-16:30 Non-Tennis Activities
16:30-17:00 Pick-up

Non-tennis activities vary from day to day and are determined by factors such as number of children (minimum 3), ages of children and the weather. Typical activities include football, baseball, basketball, table tennis, Wii U, chess, concentration games, co-ordination games, board games and sports quizzes. We aim to provide a good mix of activities for both the mind and body.