The Tennis Journey
Tennis is a sport that can be enjoyed (and competed at) on many different levels once a base level of skill has been achieved. The overall learning process is the same but the loftier the goal, the greater the attention to detail required at each stage of development - with much less time to achieve it in.

A close analogy would be that of building a regular house and a skyscraper - only having much less time to build the skyscraper in. If building a skyscraper is the objective, then you simply have to find the time to build strong enough foundations first; there can be no short cuts or changing your mind after inferior foundations have been built.

An even closer analogy would be that of a multi-lane motorway: all lanes lead in the same direction BUT with the twist that if your desired destination is Pro Tennis then there is an urgent time limit in which to make it. Between the ages of 14-18, when children start facing the realities of life, Pro Tennis must seem a realistic enough goal for them to persevere chasing. There are also many disguised exits along the way that can lead the unwitting traveller astray.

Not every child must aim for Pro Tennis of course. However, if this is the dream then the right choices MUST be made early enough to do the work necessary in time - i.e. commit to tennis and get into the "fast lane". We would say that, ideally, this needs to be by the age of ten at the very latest.

In our experience it takes 2-3 years to lay down sound foundations for a child of high ability. At any time there will be many such ten year olds around the world who would have committed to pursuing Pro Tennis aged six or seven who will have solid foundations in place (or almost in place). That is the reality of what we are competing against; anything less is having to play catch-up.

This does not mean that children need to be winning at age ten, just that they have the basis in place for long-term success. Our top young players aged under 10 do not place any value on Mini Tennis results and ratings whatsoever. They are encouraged to focus on technical development and building up their skills (with green and yellow balls), rather than chasing tournaments and ratings or building up unnecessary "mileage" on their minds and bodies.

TA Training Venues
Tennis Avenue operates across two venues. Players may choose a training program that combines sessions from both venues (which are approximately a 30 minute drive apart):
Manor Park Tennis Centre [MP]
off Malden Road
New Malden, Surrey
Ash Manor Tennis Centre [AM]
Manor Road
Ash, Aldershot
GU12 6QH

TA Training Structure
Our Elite Program for juniors is our "fast-lane" for those who have DECIDED that they are aiming for Pro Tennis and are ready to commit: to dedicate themselves accordingly and the necessary levels of training; to listen implicitly to our advice (with no other external input of any kind); and to understand that we are here to help them help themselves. We will invest the best of our resources and knowledge in these players - but we do require reciprocal commitment and trust as the journey is never smooth.

The TA junior Academy Program straddles the "middle lanes" and is suitable for those: who wish to defer a decision to fully commit for a while; who have decided to be the best they can at tennis while also having other goals such as university and alternative careers in mind; who are unable/unwilling to make the commitments necessary for the Elite Program; or who are unable/unwilling to demonstrate the required levels of maturity and discipline for the elite program.

Finally we have a junior and adult Community Program for those who are playing for fun and exercise and would maybe eventually like to join a tennis club, represent club teams, and make tennis a big part of their future recreational / social life.