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History - Roots of the Future
Tennis Avenue School opened its doors on 16th November 2020 in the middle of the second national Covid-19 lockdown - entirely in keeping with its history of overcoming difficulties, time after time.

This was not the beginning of our story; this was simply the beginning of a new dawn for Tennis Avenue Academy (continuing a story that began many years previously).

Pre-2005 Before the beginning: the story of the founders Hareen Wasantha and Ilge Alpay
2005-2006 Tennis Avenue Academy opens, without courts until finding a public park to call home
2006-2012 The early years - a struggle for respect and recognition
  • planting the seeds of success: Kieran Macarty (future ATP world ranked player and Tennis Avenue senior coach), Robert Morris (our first GB top 5 player), Lukas Feddern (future founder of Seneca Learning), Katie Morris (future Loughborough University Ladies captain)
  • the TA Tennis & Education program launches: Teta Thuku-Benzinge (future Cambridge University undergraduate), Srdan Pejic and Vaishali Jorge (future US college tennis scholarship recipients)
  • 2013 Mandi Furaji
  • our breakthrough Tennis Europe (international) champion and future Oxford University undergraduate
  • setting the Excellence bar
  • 2014-2017 Proving ourselves - in the midst of tragedy and failure
  • without doubt the most successful junior coaching program in Britain for players aged 12 and younger
  • producing more top juniors from their formative years than any other coaching team: Jake Evans, Jaquelyn Ogunwale, Alexandra McDonald, Given Roach (all GB No.1s, Tennis Europe winners and/or national champions)
  • Jack Pinnington Jones: Longines Future Aces (Roland Garros) finalist, multiple Tennis Europe winner and Auray finalist, future European 14&U No.1 (2017) and world junior No.6 (2021)
  • attracting top foreign talent: Fadi Bidan (Lebanon) and Camilia Samel-Druz (France), both future Tennis Europe winners
  • the passing of Rashard Henry aged 13
  • failing in the most spectacular way (and wasting money), trying to save money by re-surfacing our own courts
  • 2017-2018 Building success upon success
  • our 12&U/14&U girls dominating LTA Team Tennis to be unbeaten national champions three years in a row (including 2019)
  • Dilhan Wasantha, GB 12&U No.1, multiple Tennis Europe champion, and "to-be" 14&U Youth National Series champion (2020)
  • 2018-2020 Darkness descends before a new dawn - with chinks of light
  • being required by Ofsted to close our thriving and successful Tennis & Education program with 34 players (being deemed an unregistered school)
  • Kate Mansfield adding to our long list of national (14&U Grade 2) and Tennis Europe winners
  • coaching Ewell Castle School Tennis Academy and enabling them to leverage our players to achieve considerable Schools Tennis success from prior non-existence (link-up ceasing after 2019)
  • guiding and navigating our players through Covid-19 (deep into 2021)
  • 2020-2021 A new dawn - the Phoenix rising to be stronger than ever
  • raising funds and finally re-surfacing our dilapidated tennis courts in-between Covid-19 lockdowns
  • opening Tennis Avenue School with an initial 17 students (maximum 40), the first and ONLY tennis academy in the country registered with, and inspected by, the Department for Education and Ofsted as an independent school
  • Building and nurturing a brand new generation of talented players to surpass the achievements of previous generations
  • hosting global junior tennis competition The Champions Bowl